In February 3 – 6, 1992, upon Drs. Arthur Aufderheide and Conrado Rodríguez Martín’s initiative, the 1st World Congress on Mummy Studies was held in Tenerife, Spain. Since then, this high-level scientific event has drawn researchers from around the world every three to four years in locations as diverse as Colombia, Chile, Greenland, Spain, the United States, Italy, and Brazil.

These meetings have provided an important setting for an up-to-date presentation of research on mummified remains from around the world, including recent technological and methodological advancements. Other important topics such as the conservation of collections and the museological use of human remains have been addressed. Students as well as specialists have had the opportunity to improve their knowledge and share experiences. Moreover, this international gathering has promoted productive networking and long–lasting friendships.

Peru’s cultural heritage includes important anthropological collections, some of which have been the focus of top–notch and ground breaking research. It is within this context that we have the distinct pleasure to invite you to participate in the 9th World Congress on Mummy Studies, to be held in Lima, August 10-13, 2016. The scientific program will include keynote lectures, podium presentations and poster sessions. In addition, we will offer workshops, artistic and cultural exhibits, including specialized documentaries; as well as educational tours to visit the main mummy collections in Peru.